8 Proven ways to get rid of Mosquitoes in the yard

After spending the whole winter inside the home, we all are willing to go out and feel some fresh air at the dawn of the spring season. When the spring season is starting you have to think about the mosquito season as well. How you can spend a nice evening in your own yard with your kids playing, having a nice little chat with your loved ones, and without being tired of swatting and waving away mosquitoes? Once the mosquitoes conquered your yard, you will face a huge risk of having the mosquito problem inside your house and you will lose the battle.

The best thing you can do to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard is to break a phase of their life cycle. That may be eliminating breeding grounds, getting rid of places where larvae and pupa can live, or not creating a welcoming environment in your yard for adult mosquitoes.

Do you know how you can get rid of Mosquitoes in your yard? Here, we will take you through 8 proven and practical actions that you can try and experience yourself to keep mosquitoes away from the yard.

1. Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds from your yard

Tire swings in your yard can be birthplaces for mosquitoes (Image by thekaduhithlu)

Standing water is the most preferred place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. There may be various places in your yard, that could hold water for some time. When water stands for 4 to 7 days, those places could become mosquito breeding centers. It is always a good practice to walk around your yard and look for places where even a small amount of water could stay and avoid them. We will mention to you a few actions you can take and the places you need to look.

  • Clean Clogged rain gutters and make sure water is not stagnating.
  • Change the water in Pet Bowls, Birdbaths at least 3 times a week.
  • Dispose of empty buckets, containers, cans, barrels, flower pots, old tires, metal or plastic trash cans that are damaged or not using.
  • Make sure to drain the water in flowers pots, saucers periodically and especially after a rain.
  • Drill some holes in tire swings, old tires, trash cans, and recycle bins to drain water without accumulating. 
  • Check for standing water around pools, ponds, puddles. Frequently change and clean the water. Better to chlorinate water. Keep plastic swimming pools empty, when not using. Drain swimming pool covers after rain.
  • Cover rainwater barrels with a mesh to stop entering mosquitoes. Make sure to regularly use and change the water.
  • Make sure water is not collecting and drains out correctly from the yard. If not do some landscaping changes to the yard.
  • Check out the Traps that you used to cover the boat, grill, pile of firewood for accumulated water.

2. Clean every possible place that mosquito larvae can live

Mosquito fish and Fathead minnow are known as effective mosquito larvae consumers
  • Introduce Mosquito Fish (Gambusia affinis), Goldfish, Bluegills, and Minnows to ponds that can eat mosquito larvae.
  • Add larvicides like BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis) bacteria and IGR (insect growth regulator) to get rid of larvae in ponds (Follow mentioned instructions before using).
  • Create a film over the surface of stagnating water using oil (Coconut oil or any other natural oil) or a product with an alcohol derivative.  It will cut down the oxygen supply to larvae.
  • Scatter some Coffee Ground on stagnated water. It will disconnect the oxygen supply to mosquito eggs and will be killed.

3. Getting rid of places that adult mosquitoes can live

Make sure that your yard is not a dark place (Image by Djamila Koch)

Mosquitos prefer to rest in dark, enclosed, shady, moist, humid places like below to escape sunlight and wind. If your yard is a damp, muggy place, it will be a mosquito attractor. Here are a few things you can follow to make your yard free from mosquitoes.

  • Regularly mow the lawn and trim any tall grass, shrubs in the yard.
  • Wet leaves are good mosquito hideouts. Do not overwater and do watering to the roots of plants.

4. Grow mosquito repelling plant in your yard

  • The smell of some plants is known for mosquito repelling property
  • Try growing Citronella, Catnip, Feverfew, Marigolds, Lavender, Pennyroyal, Pyrethrum, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Mint, Lemon Balm, Basil, Tulsi, Chrysanthemums, Eucalyptus, Lemon-scented Geranium (Mosquito Plant) in your yard.
  • They will give your yard a present look and smell as well.

5. Burn essential oils, other natural mosquito repellents.

  • This is a short term solution and recommended when you have a gathering, or you are relaxing in your yard.
  • Heat some essential oils like Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Citronella Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, or a mixture of a few of these oils with some water in an oil burner.
  • Burn Citronella Candles. It may not be effective on windy days.
  • Burn some Pinion Wood. Use an outdoor fireplace to burn and the smell will drive away mosquitoes.

6. Outdoor mosquito foggers and sprayers

  • Mosquito Fogger:

An efficient way to keep flying mosquitoes away. It will kill the mosquitoes who will directly contact with the fog. But it’s only a temporary solution as the mosquitoes will come back once the effect of the fog wears off. This consists of chemicals and be extremely careful and follow all the safety instructions while using.

  • Mosquito Yard Sprayers:

The sprayer may contain natural and/or chemical ingredients and can be applied with a garden sprayer or pressurized sprayer. Spray it around your yard, focusing on shrubbery and shady areas where mosquitoes live. This is effective and lasts longer than foggers. Make sure to follow all the safety instructions while using.

Always use Foggers and Sprayers carefully, and only if necessary. They may consist of chemicals that can irritate your skin, harmful to your kids and pets, kill beneficial insects like honeybees and ladybugs. It is always recommended to hire a professional and they could suggest some organic and non-toxic solutions. Ask for their license and the chemicals that they going to use. If you have decided to do this your own, select a calm day without wind and drizzle. Always check the product label to see if the product is organic and pet friendly and follow the producer’s guidelines when applying.

Mosquito fogging (Image by Ernesto Eslava)

7. Outdoor mosquito traps

Mosquito traps are designed to bait the mosquitoes and contain them in a net, container or to zap them instantly. Traps are very efficient and cost-effective way to be safe from mosquito bites. The best thing is they do not use insecticides or pesticides and not harmful for friendly insects like honeybees.

  • Electric Mosquito Traps

It will emit a blue light which they cannot resist as it tells them food is close by. Attracted mosquitos are contained in a net and finally perished. Always make sure to clean the device periodically.

  • Mosquito Zappers

Functions very similar to a mosquito trap. But here, mosquito enters to the device through a tight wire grid which carries a low voltage electric current. Entered mosquitoes will be killed right away by the electrical current.

  • Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (CO2) that we also exhale from our mouths. Carbon dioxide mosquito trap emits carbon dioxide gas and mosquitoes attracted to it assuming a food source. Entered mosquitoes will be trapped or sucked into the device and get perished.

Dry Ice (frozen carbon dioxide) can also be used as a mosquito trap.

8. Wear mosquito repellent clothing when you are in the yard/outside home

Covering your skin is a key point in preventing mosquito bites. Hence the selection of your clothing plays a main part of that.

  • Always try to stay inside in early mornings and evenings when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Wear loose, full covering cloths like long sleeved shirts and long pants to cover all of your skin from head to toe. A thick sweater and thick pants like jeans will be a good option.
  • You can spray a repellent containing permethrin or another EPA registered repellent on your cloths before wearing. Keep in mind to not applying permethrin directly on your skin.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies. Do not wear heavy, dark colors (black, dark blue, dark red, dark green) that keep the body warm in warm weather conditions. Try to stay cool.
  • Avoid using perfumes. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat from our body. When you are wearing perfumes, that scent is mixed with the sweat and make more mosquito attractive.

Summing up the things….

All these methods are proven to be successful. It is always successful if you follow more than one method that we have suggested here. Now it’s your turn to try it.

Has this article helped you to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard?

Check this article on how you can get rid of mosquitoes inside the house. There is another article written on “where do mosquitoes live during each phase of their life cycle”. You can read it from here. Do you know that there are plants that have the mosquito-repelling ability? Read this article get to know them. There is another article that has given some clarifications to FAQs.

We are really looking forward to reading out your experiences and suggestions in the comment section.

Take the control of your yard from the mosquitoes again. Keep your family safe from mosquito bites to stay safe from Mosquito-borne diseases like Zika virus, Dengue, Malaria, West Nile virus, Chikungunya, and Yellow fever etc.

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